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  Trilogy Triathlon Learning Centre

As a member of Trilogy  you have access to a large library of triathlon-related material, including books, DVDs and Downloads. This page is your guide to whats on offer.

Books and DVDs are normally exchanged through Mark Downey, who brings with him the books and DVDs in stock to one of our weekly sessions. If you have an interest in a particular book, Mark can help you find out who has it, and how you can get it next. All we ask is that you respect the books (keep in good condition) and give them back as soon as you have read them - others may be waiting on them!

Oh yeah, and about best intentions ... if you have borrowed a book with 'best intentions' of reading it, but what with your hectic training schedule it is still sitting on your bedside table, accept that you may never get around to reading it and bring it back to Mark!

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On the right hand side of this page is a drop-down menu of books and DVDs available. Click on the category to see a full-list. Click on any item to see a full page on that book or DVD.

And remember ... reviews are always welcome - bookreviews@trilogy.ie.
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The list below tells you all about each session in the Summer Training Schedule.

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If there is a book you would like us to include in the Learning Centre, please let us know.

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